by Philip Philmar


I’m trying to be Superman

I have to get it right

I’m trying to be perfect

I try with all my might

To cope with life

And get things done

To manage my affairs

Avoid a fight

And see the light

And deal with all my cares

To sort the stuff that needs it

And be there bang on time

To do what I have promised

To make the poem rhyme

To keep my word

Not step in turd

And not to lose my rag

Face up to facts

And keep my pacts

I mustn’t be a drag

I’m trying to be Superman

I don’t mean big and strong

But strong in mind

And sweet and kind

Too many get it wrong

I’m trying to be Superman

And really it’s no strain

Though modern life is full of strife

There’s no gain without pain

I’m trying to be Superman

One leap or mighty bound

Will burst my chains

Lick stubborn stains

Keep both feet on the ground

I’m trying to be Superman

With ladders in my tights

My pants have rips

Perfection slips

I’ve sleepless Krypton-nights

What can I do to prove to you

I really do my best ?

I’ll come to grips I will not cry

I’ll gird my loins I’ll not say die

My superpowers are not a lie

Look see me jump I really fly

Is it a bird or plane on high?

The gravity I will defy

What makes you say I’m stressed?

I really am a Superman

Although my costume’s roomy

And please don’t misconstrue me

I tell you I’m not gloomy

What are you doing to me?

I’m Superman let go let go

A needle Doctor, no no no

You’ll never get it in my skin

Ow! – Super powers are wearing thin

I’ve got to take it on the chin

My enemies are closing in

Understand me – no one can

I have to be a super ... m ... a ... n ...