Natural Behaviour

by Philip Philmar


I’m a scrawny little chicken in a dither of confusion

I’m a growly hunched old bear upon a rock

I’m a coily anaconda crushing something in the jungle

I’m the one that spoils the V-formation flock.


I’m busy but I’m not a bee

I’m lazy but I’m not a sloth

hyenas laugh but so do I and I’m not one.

I’m a fish that’s out of water

I’m a lamb that’s for the slaughter

I’m a lion with no pride but lots of fun.


I’m an octopus that’s armless

a koala that is charmless

I’m a worm that’s even higher than a kite

I’m a dolphin that can’t smile

I’m a friendly crocodile

I’m a centipede that’s legless every night.


So if you see me coming with my claws and fur and feathers

and scales and fearsome constipated cough -

it’s not the mating season

but there isn’t any reason

why our unrelated species can’t get off.