by Philip Philmar


If you’re hunkered on the ice pack

And it’s where you want to be

You won’t be there for much longer

’Cause of warming, globally.


If you live in coastal regions

’Cause you really like the sea

There’ll be much more sea to play in

’Cause of warming, globally.


If you’re perched on top of high ground

With floods, peripherally

You’ll find you’re not so high now

’Cause of warming, globally.


If you prefer to drive your car

To get from A to B

And you rev and roar and choke and cough in petroleum fuelled glee

It seems that those emissions

Will not improve conditions

While asthma clogs your lungs and throat

Your driveway will become a moat

If swimming’s not your thing, please note

That very soon you’ll need a boat

’Cause of warming, globally.


The good news is we won’t get cold

We’ll all bask gloriously

In solar haze and toxic rays

Thanks to warming, globally.