This was commissioned as a point-of-sale poster to accompany the album Heaven And Hell, by Black Sabbath.

Another artist had already done the album cover featuring angels playing cards; but the record company felt it was a little flat and too drab to attract attention - hence my involvement.

My idea was to create an angel derived from that cover, but with richer colours and more depth and character. Below her, in the same basic position is her opposite number - a devil - my creation, not from the record cover - being beaten at his own game. (I used myself as the model for the devil. It was winter and cold in my house that week!)

The graphic design department gave it a border like a playing card, added an H in the top left and bottom right corners and put the words HEAVEN AND HELL each way up across the middle of the artwork. Several posters could then be displayed either way up in the record shops.

The band liked my artwork so much they also used it on the cover for their single, Neon Nights.

Stand on your head to see the devil.